Nude Photo Exhibitions Causing a Stir in Vietnam

Nude Photo Exhibitions Causing a Stir in Vietnam

From 2017 up to now, three exhibitions “Artifacts”, “Fairyland”, “Art Nude” in turn organized has completely broken the barrier, bringing nude photos closer to the public.

Artifacts – The Fuze Break the Barrier of Nude Photos

“Artifacts” by Hao Nhien in 2017 is considered the first licensed nude exhibition. It took place from 15 to 18/9/2017 at the HCMC Fine Arts Association. 50 works on display are done in about 7 years. Those artworks with the array of light and dark only show a part of the woman’s body, not the face. The exhibition is like a fuze break the barrier separating the audience from the nude art. Before “Artifacts”, some photographers had asked to open the nude art exhibition but failed.

Previously, the licensing of publishing and promoting the nude art was rather reserved. According to Ms. Tran Thi Quynh Nhu – the expert of the Department of Fine Art, Photography and Exhibition, the Photographers’ Association and the Department has raised the issue of nude photo exhibition but there have been some problems such as the relationship between the artist and the model, the concept of socialization,…Many people can not distinguish between artwork and the offensive, which raises the debate about this rule. Until November 2016, the circular banning beautiful women shooting, promoting naked photos has been removed.

Fairyland & the Passion of Thai Phien with Nude Art

Thai Phien is a prominent artist in Vietnamese nude art. He has been pursuing this genre for 26 years. There have been about 400 nude photos he has taken. Thai Phien is the one who always speaks up loudly, wanting people to consider nude art as a kind of photography and fairly judge it as other types of art. Unfortunately, there are still prejudices that the nude photos are naked and vulgar.
Thai Phien has published two nude photobooks: Youth and Fairyland. The exhibition displays 26 artworks from the photobook of the same name. The number 26 represents 26 years of Thai Phien’s nude photo art. The exhibition has a variety of outdoor photos with a variety of composition space, reflecting the sacrifice for the art of modeling and photography.

Fairyland & the Passion of Thai Phien with Nude Art

The Nude Art Exhibition which Helps Distinguish Flowers from Weeds

Nude art exhibition organized by the Fine Art Exhibition and Inspection Center at 29 Hang Bai Street, Ha Noi from July 20th to July 27th, 2018.
This was the first time the Department of Fine Art, Photography and Exhibition has hosted a nude art exhibition. The exhibition gathers works of 10 artists pursuing nude art all over the country such as Thai Phien, Duong Quoc Dinh, DzungArt Nguyen, Le Quang Chau,… 52 works were carefully selected by the supervision department, in order to honor the beauty of human that gifted by nature. The exhibition aimed to introduce nude art to the public, to help viewers understand and appreciate the aesthetic and human values. At the same time, the purpose of the exhibition is also to change the perception of people, to show the works created by the hand, the brain and the passion of the photographer. These artworks are compared with fragrant flowers. They are different from non-aesthetic nude photos, which are as widespread as weeds on the internet. The artwork in the exhibition express the artistic personality, visual effect, space and light impression, which highlight the beauty of the women and give the viewer the aesthetic emotions.

The Nude Art Exhibition Helps Distinguish Flowers from Weeds

The photographers who pursue nude art are very excited about the exhibition. The exhibiting held by the state management agency with the scale from the top artists in the country means that all the knot related to nude photos have been removed. “From now on, localities and individuals can also perform nude art exhibition in a comfortable way”, said Thai Phien.
On the public side, there were hundreds of guests attended the opening of the exhibition despite the rain. The next day, visitors went to the exhibition are very crowded, especially on the weekend.

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