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Henry Le Artworks & Home Decor Products

Have You Ever Seen a Table Made from COLORED PENCILS?
Is This True?
Yes, It is.
Designed by Mr. Henry Le, the Art Collector and also the owner of Nguyen Art Gallery, One of the finest art galleries in Hanoi, Vietnam.
The Serial, Not Only COLORED PENCILS is probably the first Color Pencil Coffee Tables ever been made in the World.
Each table is a unique special Artwork and likes NO Others. With A THOUSAND COLORED PENCILS were cut and put in the right as the design.
These ART TABLES would make YOUR home a UNIQUE LIVING.

Highlight Artworks of Henry Le

Henry Le (Le Xuan Huong Mr.)
After Henry Le graduated from Hanoi University of Industrial Fine Art in 1997, Le worked as an Interior Designer for 2 years before switching his job to be a Tour Leader. Le had opportunities to promote his motherland Vietnam and neighbor countries: Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and Myanmar.
In 2006, Le found his own business Viet Vision Travel and stopped working as a tour leader. Working in tourism for many years, Le has travelled to many places in the world, get to know about different cultures and art trends, …
In 2007, Nguyen Art Gallery was born to support local Vietnamese emerging artists and quickly became one of the Top 10 Places for Vietnamese Artists.
Although Henry Le has collected a lot of wonderful art, he never gives up being an artist and creating his own Arts.
In 2017, a décor products brand name Nguyen Moc Décor was born.
One year later, the brand “Henry Le Design” came into being with the idea designing outstanding and special home décor products such as color pencils vase, color pencils wine racks, …
Le is the first one in the world to make decorative tables, chairs from color pencils.
Le is the first man making decorative tables, chairs from colored pencils in the world.
Le himself never stops growing ideas bringing art into daily life. Le’s desire is promoting his works to the world.
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